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On-Screen Gallery - The Early Years 1970s-1982
The pre-Doctor Who years...

Breakthrough role: Peter became a household name as the incorrigible Tristan Farnon in "All Creatures Great and Small".

The Tomorrow People:
A Man for Emily

3 Episodes = 1 Story
Love for Lydia

9 Episodes
All Creatures Great and Small

65 Episodes
One block of three series, then two Christmas specials, then a block of four series rounded off with a final Christmas special in 1990.
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Behind the scenes photo
by Simon Jones, who played
Arthur Dent.
Holding the Fort

20 Episodes
Sink or Swim

19 Episodes

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A Message from Peter I'd like the idea of being slightly off the wall. I'm full of admiration for people who are truly off the wall. I'm not sure if I really am. I'd love to be a little more off the wall than I am. I'm still trapped in that slightly English repressed state that we're born into. (Geek Radio Daily interview, Mysticon 2013)
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