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What's in a name? Many online quotes have been mistakenly attributed to Peter Davison, the actor, but are in fact, by Peter Davison, the poet, who is not at all the same person, just as Peter Davison, the composer, is yet another creative talent sharing the same name. Any confusion is not eased since "our" Peter Davison also writes and composes. These quotes here, however, are indeed from Peter Davison, the actor.

Where do I start? More particularly, given that Iím still breathing, and available for work, where do I finish? (Preface, ďIs There Life Outside the Box?")
I'm quite optimistic about things - I don't worry about the past or the future, and tend to think things will be fine whatever happens. I think it's a healthy way to go about life. ("Is There Life Outside the Box?" interview in The Guardian 11 August 2017)
Iím incredibly grateful for whatever combination of my parents made me the way I am. ("Is There Life Outside the Box?" interview in The Guardian 11 August 2017)
Suddenly I realized that she was the person that I should always have been with. (On Elizabeth, "All Star Mr & Mrs" 2016)
Getting on with people is important. I cannot bear working in a tense atmosphere, so when Iím filming a series Iím quite strong on making sure everyone gets on. Acting is hard work - especially if you are in every scene of a series - but itís wonderful when, at the end of a shoot, everyone has had a really great time.
You haven't lived unless you've pushed a Dalek out of a window. ("An Hour with Peter Davison" Chicago Tardis 2017)
You can have your regrets in some way, but everything that happens to you thatís bad actually contributes to who you are.
I must admit Iím a bit old-fashioned and just wait for things to turn up. I really love getting offered a job - although I donít believe itís true until the costume designer rings me up.
Iíd like the idea of being slightly off the wall. Iím full of admiration for people who are truly off the wall. Iím not sure if I really am. Iíd love to be a little more off the wall than I am. Iím still trapped in that slightly English repressed state that weíre born into. (Geek Radio Daily interview, Mysticon 2013)
I never imagined I would actually be offered the part of the Doctor, but itís kind of... in a mafia sense... an offer you canít refuse.
I thought it was time to move on. (On leaving ďDoctor WhoĒ to do other things)
Fortunately because when I left the series, I was lucky enough to get another job almost immediately, it meant that I never felt the need to distance myself from the program.
I have a great notion that I should be cast as the Doctor again when Iím about 65. I think thatíd be just right. Then I could just do it until I dropped. (KTEH Ch 54 interview, 1987)
This was the wilderness. Bring it on. ("Is There Life Outside the Box?")
I had no idea Iíd been in the wilderness until, in 2001, the Daily Mail announced it was nice to see me back after the ten years of being in it. ("Is There Life Outside the Box?")
I tend to love whatever Iím doing.
There were times when we were touring before it went into the West End, there was almost an audible gasp of horror when they discovered I was playing this unpleasant character. (On being the villain in the play ďDial M for MurderĒ)
Most of the things that happen to you in your life are character building... hopefully.
Well if I'm not, I'll jolly well make my own. (Peter Davison in 2012 when asked if he was going to be in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special.)
It's like wading through treacle. (Tagline on Peter's home page on Twitter.)
I find that I instinctively don't believe that I can do something - and then when I sit down and put my mind to it, things fairly often fall into place. (2015 Digital Spy interview)
Life has a way of rolling along, even if you just stand and wait for it... ("Is There Life Outside the Box?")
Iíd like to think Iíve been an inspiration, but Iím not so sure. Without a grand plan and with very little ambition, Iíve ambled through my career, pausing occasionally to look at the view, only to discover that where I was standing was exactly in the right place at the right time.   (Surrey Life 01 February 2017)
Working is my social life, so I want to keep going for as long as I can stand up and remember lines.   (Radio Times 19 December 2020 - 1 January 2021)
I still get a real buzz when I'm doing something. But do you know, I never even thought I'd be alive at this point. I remember thinking all those years ago that in the year 2000, I'd be 49 and my life would effectively be over. And here I am, still going strong. I'm just very happy to have got this far.   (Radio Times 19 December 2020 - 1 January 2021)

Iíd like to think Iíve been an inspiration, but Iím not so sure. Without a grand plan and with very little ambition, Iíve ambled through my career, pausing occasionally to look at the view, only to discover that where I was standing was exactly in the right place at the right time.

My Favourite Surrey...

Restaurant: Tide Tables Cafť in the vaulted arch beneath Richmond Bridge has a warm and friendly atmosphere, and they serve great coffee and light lunches. Iím not a food connoisseur, so Iím perfectly happy eating at Pizza Express Ė and thereís a very nice one in Richmond!

Shop: The Open Book in King Street, Richmond. I love the informality of this charming independent bookshop Ė itís delightfully higgledy-piggledy and the proprietors really know their stock.

View: As a resident of Richmond, Iíd have to say the famous view from the top of Richmond Hill, where you can look down and see the iconic bend in the River Thames.

Spot to relax: I have a favourite seat along the Thames at Richmond where I love to walk the dog. Itís the perfect place for people-watching.

Place to visit: Kew Gardens. We love strolling among the lakes, ponds and gardens. The cafť is perfect for relaxing and the kids loved the play areas when they were younger.

From a 1 Feb 2017 interview by Angela Wintle in Surrey Life

Updated 24 August 2017: Peter's Twitter account was reactivated on the 23rd, however, he is continuing to walk away from tweeting for the forseeable future.
In context and for the record...

Transcript of 20 July 2017 San Diego Comic Con Press Conference

I think itís a fantastic opportunity for her and I think that it will be hard for some fans to adjust to it. As I said before, itís difficult to adjust to any new Doctor, but I think the important thing is that those are uncertain fellows, those who are uncertain should be encouraged to watch it with an open mind. ... I donít know, I feel... I think the time for discussion about that is past. Theyíve made the announcement. Jodie Whittaker is the next Doctor and thatís great!


I feel.. if I feel any doubts about it, itís the loss of a role model for boys, who I think Doctor Who is vitally important for. So I feel a bit sad about that, but I understand the argument that youíve got to open it up, so thatís absolutely fair enough. So she has my best wishes and full confidence. Iím sure sheíll do a wonderful job.


As a viewer, I kind of like the idea of the Doctor as a boy, but then maybe Iím an old fashioned dinosaur. Who knows? But I think thatís irrelevant now. The time for discussion is over. We have a new Doctor. And letís give her our full support.


I would encourage them to watch. I think thereís too much... you know on the internet... thereís too much bile coming from both sides. And too many people are being horribly sexist about it, and too many people are saying, ĎWell, we donít care about you. Youíre old fashioned. Go away and watch something else.í I think fans who are doubtful, who are uncertain should be encouraged and welcomed. And just approach it with an open mind.


Oh yeah, of course. I mean, sheís a terrific actress. And you can absolutely understand it. Look, someone rings you up... I know this feeling... someone rings you up one night. Youíre sitting at home and they say Ďhow would you feel about being the next Doctor Who?í Itís a fantastic opportunity, so of course, she grabs it with both hands. Iím sure sheíll do a wonderful job!

(Transcript by Mary Ellen Daugherty.)
Link to SDCC Press Conference video.
Peter himself probably would rather not even have this part of the page remain online since he doesn't care either for drama or for worrying about the past; however, if anyone runs into one of the many false stories online, I'd like there to be someplace where they can discover the truth, so I'll just keep this section near page bottom.

The story: Shortly following Peter's appearance at the press conference at the San Diego Comic Con on 20 July 2017, there appeared a flood of taken out of context, distorted, editorialized and outright lying agenda-driven articles from The Telegraph and then via the online ripple effect, from other so-called "news sources" accusing him of slamming the BBC for casting Jodie Whitaker as the 13th Doctor, blaming him for a rift, etc. This was rapidly followed by an overwhelming assault on Peter by vile hive-minded sjw Twitter trolls. They do love to spew venom and create chaos without bothering to fact check anything. Shame on them all.

At the left is the transcript of Peter's actual comments - which had little if any relation to what they said he had said. (The "breaks" were apparently pauses for questions which were edited out... much like the tabloids managed to selectively omit all the positive and supportive things Peter said.) I was glad to see there were a large number of fans who reposted/tweeted the transcript and/or video link which have Peter's actual words.

Following are links to two excellent commentary pieces.

Hereís what Davison didnít do:
* He didnít go off the cuff and say sexist things about the Doctorís parking, period, or PMS.
* He didnít say he would never watch Doctor Who again simply because of a change.
* He didnít say he wouldnít give it a chance.
If anything Davison came out in a very respectful way and shared his worries. Which we all have....
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Sometimes, itís okay to be ashamed of fandom Ė or at least, some of it. Today is one of those days, as Peter Davison has quit Twitter after quotes from him have been taken out of context and used against him. This led to vile comments, the likes of which really make you question whether the true messages of Doctor Who have been getting through to some fans....
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The final result came on July 24, with three tweets, the last to be sent from @PeterDavison5, and very Peter Davison:

For the record I didn't say I had doubts about Jodie. I said "she's a terrific actress and will do a wonderful job and we need to open it..

..up". I also urged uncertain fans to be supportive about change. It was a caveat about role models in an otherwise positive answer.

All this toxicity about a sci-fi show has been sobering, so I'm calling it a day. @PeterDavison5 used to be fun. Now it's not. Must Dash. xx

A Message from Peter Working is my social life, so I want to keep going for as long as I can stand up and remember lines.   (Radio Times 19 December 2020 - 1 January 2021)
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